Who Am I?

Let’s connect to who you are…

In life, we are often so busy with everyday tasks that we forget to take stock of who we are, what we are good at, and what is important to us.

We may think of how we can better manage this important element of our lives. A common theme with healing is self-reflection and self-encouragement. We may find ourselves looking elsewhere for support and guidance and that is an excellent thing to do.

However, if we can also take a moment every so often to touch base with ourselves, one would be amazed at how much support and encouragement can be found right under our noses…literally!

So, let us take a few moments this week to look into a simple but effective activity called “Who Am I?” that may help you with the self-support and encouragement you may be needing.

Connected through these 10 Questions:

Take out a piece of paper, journal, or document on your computer and sit down when you have time and answer these questions truthfully. Be with yourself at the moment and really reach inside yourself to find the answers.

  • What is a significant difficulty that has occurred and what did I learn (or am learning) from it?
  • What is something that I am proud of that I have recently done (Remember it can be something really easy and simple)?
  • Where is my favorite place to be?
  • What is my favorite thing to do?
  • When was the last time I really leaned into deep self-care?
  • What are my current passions and goals and how can I encourage those today?
  • What is one thing I would do if money, health, or any challenges I have were not a part of my life?
  • What is my most loved trait about myself?
  • Who are the people that are the most supportive of me?
  • What pictures, quotes, etc I could place around my living environment that will continue to inspire and encourage me throughout my day?

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Identity Through Creativity & Identity

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