Sui Gouache Review And Swatching
South Korea artist Sui created her own line of gouache called Sui Gouache. Sui Gouache is a fantastic brand of paint that is both beautiful and affordable. The colors are rich and vibrant, making them perfect for artists who want to create vivid and stunning artwork. One of the best things about Sui Gouache is how opaque the paint is. This means that you can easily cover up mistakes or create bold, solid colors without having to worry about the paint being too transparent. This makes Sui Gouache a great choice for artists who want to create artwork with a strong visual impact. Additionally, Sui Gouache is incredibly versatile. The paint can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, and even wood. This means that you can experiment with different textures and surfaces without having to worry about the paint not adhering properly. Finally, Sui Gouache is very affordable, which is great for artists who want high-quality paint without breaking the bank. The price point is especially attractive for beginners who want to experiment with gouache before investing in a more expensive brand. Overall, I highly recommend Sui Gouache to any artist who is looking for a beautiful, affordable, and versatile paint. The colors are stunning, the paint is opaque, and the affordability makes it accessible to everyone.

Pigmant Information

White – PW6
Baby Yellow – PW6, PY43, and PY37
Orange – PW6, PO73, and PY1
Rosy – PY6 and PO73
Red – PO16 and PR48:3
Brown – PY43 and PR101
Chocolate – PR101 and PBk6
Lamb’s Ear – PW6, PG17, and PY1
Green – PW6, PG17, and PG36
Blue – PW6, PB15, and PG7
Nighty – PW6, PB27, PB29
Lilac – PW6, PV23 and PB15


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