Watch The Clouds With Curiosity, Creativity And Healing

Simpler Times

It’s time to step back into the more simpler times.

There is an activity most of us have done when we were younger and many of us still do. No matter your age, cloud watching can be fun.

Lay on the grass or stare out the window to see what shapes or creatures we see formed in the clouds.

Watching the clouds can lead to a photograph or painting a picture or simply daydreaming to a place of calm. Clouds are full of magical ad wonder and can be a huge place to find inspiration and peace.

Cloud Watching

Cloud watching is a great way to reduce stress and increase creativity. It’s also easy to do! All you need is a clear view of the sky and some time to relax.

Try a few of these steps the next time you spot a cloud or a shape in the trees or gazing into the rippling water by the lake. Whatever and wherever you are, take a few moments to write or think about these steps to guide you back to that place of serenity as see how many things you find to spark your creativity, imagination, and emotional state.

Cloud Watching Tips

Get outside. If possible, go somewhere where there is lots of open space so that you can see some big sky (e.g., a park or beach).

Alternatively, if you’re in an environment where there isn’t much room for walking around outside, try finding somewhere else where you have plenty of room (e.g., your backyard). This helps because it lets you move around freely as well as look up at the sky without obstruction from buildings or other people’s heads blocking your view!

Look up often throughout the day-not just when it rains or snows but also on sunny days too since this is when rainbows appear too!

Clouds are constantly changing so even if they don’t look like anything special upon first glance they could change into something beautiful within minutes…and vice versa: Even though they may already seem beautiful now doesn’t mean the won’t become better later down road!

Watch For Colors

The sky changes color throughout the day, from red to orange to yellow, purple and blue. Clouds can be white or gray.

The colors of the clouds will change as the sun makes its way through the sky. Colors can range from red orange and yellow at sunrise to pale blue during day and purples at sunset. As the sun makes its way through the sky, you’ll see different colored clouds. Red orange
and yellow at sunrise to pale blue during the day, then purples at sunset.

Watch For Shapes

When you are looking at the sky, you will probably see many different shapes in the clouds. These shapes can be anything from animals to people, or even objects in your house.

For example: When I look at a cloud and it looks like a chair, I think that I want to sit down in that chair. Or if the cloud looks like a mountain, I feel like climbing up that mountain. If there are two clouds next to each other and they look like hands holding each other or
hugging each other, then it makes me feel happy because it reminds me of when my family members hold hands together as we walk through our neighborhood park together on summer days.

If there is an animal shape in a cloud (like an elephant), then this might remind us about something that happened with an elephant before when we went to Africa on vacation or some time ago when someone told us about their experience with elephants.

Question to Ask:

  • Ask yourself what do you see?
  • Ask yourself what does it make you feel?
  • Ask yourself does the image you find connect to a place or memory?
  • What does the place or memory mean to you?
  • Place this image into another place in the sky or nature and what else do you find there?


This is a simple task but it can conjure a sense of play, meditation, or spark a new idea to create something out of. Whatever it is too you, enjoy it through your summer days. You never know what you may find right before your eyes!

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