Visual Journaling & Self Discovery Through the Major Arcana

In this course you will walk through a path of self-discovery through the lens of tarot and the expressive tool of a visual journaling. Tarot is not only magical, informative, full of symbols, and archetypal knowledge. It is also a valuable tool of self-discovery, where we learn about ourselves and our story. As we explore the 22 Major Arcana cards over this 12 week journey, we will create and use an altered vintage book as the bases for our weekly project.  Each week we will explore 2 cards, their meanings, hidden meanings, their symbolism and space in time they signify in own personal heroes journey.

I took this journal myself back in 2004 when I started on the path of creating my first deck, the Silver Era Tarot. I chose to create a deck, so that I could walk down the path and explore the symbolism and journey  of each of the cards one by one and I can’t wait to share this experience with you!



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