How To Deal With Rejection As A Creative

Rejection As A Creative

It’s difficult to not feel mortified when you or your ideas are rejected. There is no sugar-coating how awful it can make a person feel. Even a rejection that is recognized as small can feel like a dumpster fire with all your favorite things going up in flames.

Rejection can creep up in email, placed gently in our mailbox, through sneaky little text messages, or can be delivered directly by human words cascading into your unexpecting ear canal.

It knocks us for a loop. Being rejected can be a painful, unexpected, and challenging experience to face head on and can make anyone feel like a failure.

Even if it feels like a slap in the face to our aspiring hopes and dreams or who we are as a person, we can change the way we view rejection and gain the wisdom to move forward without feeling paralyzed, which keeps us from trying.

Be empathetic to feeling of rejection

My goal is to be empathetic with your feelings of rejection. because if you are reading this or are a human – you have been rejected. Yet, I want to help inspire you to take rejection, feel the feelings and when you are ready, move past and embrace everything that you are, and start again.

It’s important to me to help you gain the ability to see yourself as valuable and worthy – even through rejection. Rejection does not define us, it helps us realign our goals, dreams, directions, and perspectives on life and the world.

It is a way to measure things and take stock of what you do and don’t care about. And it is a springboard waiting to launch you to just the right place where you will be accepted with open arms.

It’s healthy to be cautiously optimistic, but try not to let the world crumble around you when something does not work out. There is always another opportunity – a better one just waiting for you to stumble upon it.

Good Things About Rejection

  • Rejection could mean there is room for improvement. In all aspects of life, there is always room for improvement. Rejection can inform you where improvements need to happen and can guide you into improving the thing you need to improve.
  • Rejection makes helps create humility. (I can hear the low grumble as you read this out loud in your head – but you know it’s true.) We don’t get everything we want. That’s a good thing.
  • Rejection might be keeping you from making a mistake.
  • Rejection can be informative, motivating and encouraging.
  • Look at it this way: You got rejected, you did not get ignored – which is much worse.
  • Rejection is not failure. It means you tried. Which is pretty awesome!


I am Proud of You

I am proud of you for giving something a try. I am proud of you for even debating or considering trying something that you might bring rejection into your life. I am proud of you for surviving past rejections. Life is full of rejections, let’s be kind to ourselves and others and realize it does not define us – we are perfect just the way we are.


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