Full Moon Mandala & Self Exploration

Full Moon Mandala

This week I joined Elizabeth Russell (Dream Fruit) and Elise Crohn (Juicy Creatives) for their workshop: Art Ceremony & Magic Circle where we created Full Moon Mandalas. I have known Elizabeth for many years and she creates amazing projects that are creative, explorative, full of self-discovery, and beneficial to the community. This was my first time meeting Elisa, and it was a pleasure to meet another like-minded soul that does art for healing, exploration, and connection. The whole workshop was magical.

In a circle of wonderful humans, we created together and were strengthened, connected, and explored our expressions of self in connection with the full moon.  And my very favorite part was making our very own Full Moon Mandalas – and I wish I could show you the art from the whole group! Pure magic!

They are also holding a Dream Fruit 2022 Magical Moon Tour – Learn More Here.

For more cycle and explorative artwork, check out our: Explorative Emotion Based Color Wheel course.

Thanks, Elizabeth & Elise, I had a great time!


Aunia Kahn

Aunia Kahn is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur and a globally awarded, collected, and exhibited figurative artist/photographer, published author, as well as an instructor and an inspirational speaker. She is also the owner of Auxilium Haus Design and Create for Healing.

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