5 Ways To Help Others Heal With You

As each of us travels our personal path of healing, we often are reminded of those who also need support or whom have supported us.

Offering support to others while working on our own process can aid in that healing we ourselves are needing each day. Ask yourself a few of these questions as you go out to extend a hand in support of others.

Doing so not only builds your confidence and self-worth, it also extends your karmic healing and builds your own internal support system for yourself.

Here are a few ways to heal while helping others do the same:


1. Expand Your View

How we see healing and support is often defined by how we need it ourselves. Remember that other people heal at different paces, need different support systems, and may have a different language all together in their healing process that they are still learning.

2. Be Respectful and Patient

In addition to expanding your view, keep in mind how respect and patience is a key factor in support. We need it as others do, so let us be mindful of how important that is to offer to others.

3. Listen Inward and Outward

Often we may want to give advice or fix things based in our own healing process. This is a good time to engage in listening inward for what we may want to give versus what the other outwardly is trying to ask for. Think of their voice translating to your ears and completing the circle of support in the most gentle manner they may be in need of.

4. Share Knowledge

Our experiences can be vital in helping another along their path. Remember how seeing stories of healing and hope may have helped you once and now your own story may in turn help another.

5. Spend Time In Others’ Shoes

The saying about “walking a mile in one’s shoes” goes far beyond judgement and personal experience. It holds true as an opportunity to experience healing through the eyes of others. It can help us have greater appreciation for how far we have come and how far we can still go. Better yet, there is someone we can help guide down the path of healing that may truly need us.


Healing is a process that takes time, compassion and community. we hope this weeks blog was supportive and gave you some ideas to help you heal yourself along side others.

Enjoy your healing journey with another this week!

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