How To Create A Full Moon Mandala Inspired By Seasons

Inspiration for this Project

This week I joined Elizabeth Russell (Dream Fruit) and Elise Crohn (Juicy Creatives) for their workshop: Art Ceremony & Magic Circle where we created Full Moon Mandalas. I have known Elizabeth for many years and she creates amazing projects that are creative, explorative, full of self-discovery, and beneficial to the community. This was my first time meeting Elisa, and it was a pleasure to meet another like-minded soul that does art for healing, exploration, and connection. The whole workshop was magical.

This is an amzing project that I wanted to share with you all so you can create one yourself. Would you like to make you owm? Let’s do it!

Full Moon Mandala

Full Moon Mandala: A Journey Through Seasons

The allure of the night sky, especially the radiant full moon, has captivated human imagination for millennia. It stands as a beacon of constancy amidst our ever-changing world. The Full Moon Mandala project intertwines this timeless lunar marvel with the cyclical dance of Earth’s seasons.

This unique and introspective artistic journey invites you to connect with each of the four seasons in a deeply personal way. By dividing a circular canvas into quadrants, each section becomes a dedicated space to express and explore your emotions, memories, and associations with spring, summer, autumn, and winter. 

Why is this significant?

Every individual experiences the seasons differently. For some, winter might evoke memories of cozy firesides and holiday celebrations, while for others, it might remind them of a challenging snowstorm or the serenity of snowflakes descending on a silent night. Similarly, summer could be about beach trips and sunburns for one person, while evoking memories of a cherished book read under a tree’s shade for another.

Let’s design a Full Moon Mandala focusing on the central theme of the full moon and how it interacts with each of the four seasons.



  • A circular piece of paper (or cut a circle from a larger sheet)
  • A compass or a circular object to trace
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils, markers, or paints
  • Ruler or straightedge



Lay your circle paper on a flat surface.
Draw a slightly smaller circle in the center using your compass or object. This inner circle will represent the full moon, and around it, we will incorporate the elements of each season.

Divide the Circle into Four Sections

Draw two perpendicular lines intersecting at the center of the circle, creating four equal sections. Each quadrant will represent one of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

What will you could explore in each quadrant?

Weather Influences

How does the crisp air of fall or the rejuvenating showers of spring make you feel? Weather is an integral part of each season, deeply influencing our daily lives and moods.

Memory Lane

Revisit moments from your past associated with each season. A childhood memory of jumping into a pile of autumn leaves or the taste of a seasonal delicacy can be powerful triggers for emotion and creativity.

Holiday Highlights

Seasons often come adorned with festivals and holidays. From the warmth of Thanksgiving dinners to the vibrancy of spring festivals, you can delve into the essence of these occasions and their personal significance.

Seasonal Sensations

Apart from the prominent memories and holidays, each season has its subtle nuances. The scent of blooming flowers, the sound of crunching snow, or the sight of migrating birds can be deeply evocative.


Creating such a mandala can be a meditative and reflective process. It not only allows you to embrace your artistic abilities but also helps you connect deeper with the ever-changing yet cyclic nature of our environment. Enjoy every moment of this creative journey!

Suggested Course

In this course, we are going to explore how the creativity couples with following the moon’s cycles can help healing and/or help us move towards a better sense of wellbeing. The moon is a faithful friend that shows up again and again – we know that no matter what, we are never really alone. We will spend time understanding not only the moon cycles and phases but how they can be better understood to heal. Healing will be explored through creative activities, various healing techniques and tools to help utilize the power of the moon phases into your life. Finding a way to better bridge the historical, emotional, creative, and cultural ways the moon has always been available to us is a course full of wonder and new personal discovery.
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