How To Create A Fairy Lights Intention Jar

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Supportive Intentions

Good intentions or affirmations. are helpful, putting them in something aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable or fun helps us be more connected to those intentions and affirmations. In this post we are going to create our very own Fairly Light Intention Jar using really simple and easy supplies.

There are times where we could use a little comfort as we wake, while we sleep or just a place to put those feelings and emotions in an intentional way to carry us through the day.

A fairy light jar, specifically a fairy light intention jar can be just the trick to fulfill that little need. We will be creating a few different types of jars to share the potential these places of intention can hold.

Think of these intention jars as somewhere you can hold your intention moving into the new year, affirmations, your emotions, goals, or a personal manifestation you are needing. Infusing your jar with this kind of energy and personal intent can be very personal or simply for a fun project to share with others.

Whatever you choose to place within your jar is as vast as your imagination or as close as your own backyard. Just pick what is right for you and add a little handwritten intent to do the rest.


Mason Jar (Any Size)
Fairy Lights
Decorative or Simple Paper
Sea Glass, Shells & Sand
Dry Moss & Dried Leaves
Fresh Flowers / Leaves
Pencil or Pen

Remember you can use anything you wish to make your jar magical and perfect just for you! Get creative!

Step 1

In this first step, we will be gathering our materials. As we do, let us think of all the unique ways we could create and place intentions into our jar(s). What kind of goodies do you want to add to your jar(s). There is a whole world out there to explore for materials.

All of it could even be in the very room you are in. You can always make more than one, I have 3 in my house! 

  1. Choose you jar style and how many you want to make. Any jar, any color, any style.
  2. Choose what kind of paper you want to use. Perhaps some notebook paper, art paper, or a page from an old book to repurpose.
  3. Collect fun items to put into your jars. This is where the real fun begins. Anything is possible as long as it fits into your jar it can have anew home!
  4. Take your paper and cut it into strips to write on. Handwritten paper as well as printed paper works fine. In fact, anything to write your intention or message on is all that you need.

Step 2

Let’s build our jars! Are you ready? We found it easiest to place the fairy lights in first and then pepper the other items around the lights. We did try putting items in first. and that did not work the best. Remember there are no rules here. Feel free to try implementing your materials anyway you like. Experimentation is always key and of course what makes any project fun.


  1. Add your fairy lights first. Take a moment and turn them on just for fun if you like. The magic of the glow of the lights may be an inspiration to you for what comes next.
  2. Next, start slowly placing in your fun and inspirational items. What materials spoke to you today? Take a moment. to ask yourself what each one means. Notice how each item feels as you place it into its new home.

Step 3

Itentions, wishes or affirmations are very personal. In this step this is where we craft those energies we want to put out into the world. Just close your eyes, inhale and exhale as you think of the words and message you wish to offer to your jar(s).


  1. Take your cut up paper and write your intentions, wishes, affirmations, prayers, etc. on them. Do you have more than one?
  2. Fold them and put them on the jar. Place as many as you like into the jar. Here is where you can place something new inside the jar each day or as often as you like.

That’s It!

When you finalize your fairy light jar of intention, think of how you may want to display it or even gift it to someone. Where would you like to place it in your environment?

Would you like to change it weekly or add a message before bedtime? I recommend placing it somewhere special to you. Somewhere visible like by your front door as you come and go, a nightstand, a workspace, or desk perhaps. This is a project of anything and anywhere you choose.

This is your creation for a little healing comfort or a gift for someone special that may need a little intention and sparkling lights in their life. Enjoy this fun little project to add to your daily and life journey.

If you enjoyed this project, feel free to leave a comment below as well as share an image of your project in the Create For Healing Facebook Group. We’d love to see what you did with the project.

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