Exploring Identity Through Creativity and Duality

As human beings, we are so complex. There are so many sides to who we are based on circumstances, who we are around, what we are doing and why we are doing something.

Many of us have parts of ourselves that we are only willing to share with people that we trust. This is a great way to set boundaries and keep ourselves safe from people who do not have our best interests in mind.

Identity is Healing

Often we don’t think much about all the pieces of ourselves. Often we only focus on the flaws we have, forgetting the amazing things about us everybody sees but us.Identity is one of the most healing subjects that can be explored as we get in touch with ourselves over and over again.

We will never truly know ourselves. It is a lifelong mission that takes dedication and the willingness to be fluid. There is no one answer to who we are. We are multi-faceted beings, complicated beings that are beautiful and messy.

Who We Are

In this project, we are going to explore only two sides of the complex parts of who we are. In this project, we ask that you are open to whatever comes up for you.

There are a few supplies to explore but always remember to use whatever feels right to you. You never know what may come from that one idea that is uniquely yours!


These are suggested supplies used in the blog and video. Feel free to create your identity piece with anything that you like, with any materials you like.

Acrylic Paint
Gel Pens
Pencil or Sharpie marker
Face Downloads (Below)

Remember you can use anything you wish to… Get creative!

Step 1

First, we will be using a template that I have linked below. There is one template with no line dividing the face so you can do it yourself as well as another one where the face is divided for you.

You can use this as a template to create the same lines on a different type of paper, like mixed media paper or some other art paper. You can also choose to just print this out on regular printer paper and work from there. It’s whatever works best for you.

Once your paper is chosen and prepared, you will dedicate one side of the paper for the outward version of you and the other side of the paper for the inward version of you.

Let’s start with the side of your outer self. It does not matter which side of the paper that you use for this, it’s completely up to you. Now ask yourself some questions about your outer self:

  • What do you look like to yourself? 
  • What color is your hair, what color are your eyes?
  • Do you have a common facial expression or a hairstyle that’s very specific to you? 
  • Do you wear jewelry or make-up?
  •  Do you have facial hair or a beauty mark? 
  • Continue to ask as many things as you can that may refer to your outer self that is presented out to the world.


Step 2

Think about how you see yourself the things that make you uniquely who you are on the outside. They can be things that no one else notices or knows about you but yourself.

Next, we will start with your inner self. This can be done in whatever way feels comfortable to you. It is often noticed when people create a version of their inner self that may be abstract, however, it can be another portrait style piece, for example, that is completely different. With this side of the project, ask yourself a few more questions:

  • What is inside of you? 
  • What does your soul look like? 
  • What does your heart look like? 
  • What is your inner being’s most important part about its existence?
  • Let your mind be open and free to think of all the inner things that may best describe how you see yourself in any and all ways.

Dual Identity Experience

Remember in this project, it’s not about perfection. It’s more about exploration. You don’t have to do this only once. You can do this over again and again at any time and you may find how you get different results. This is because, as I mentioned earlier, we don’t just have two sides of ourselves, we don’t just have an inner and outer self – we have many facets of who we are. We can express ourselves for who we are time and time again with it being different and unique each time.

When I did this project, I was shocked at how it came out but then again it made a lot of sense to me as well. I look forward to doing this project again and I hope that if you choose to do this project, you will share it with us in our Create For Healing Facebook Group We always love seeing what people are up to and what they are creating.

Enjoy exploring the most unique and amazing you!

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