Celebrate Your Life With Natural & Ethically Sourced Confetti

Life should be celebrated! Often times, life can seem challenging and at times mundane. We all have to go grocery shipping, do laundry and other tasks we don’t necessarily love.

As well as we all deal with life stressors that are less than pleasing. Chronic illness, death, mental health crisis or overload and so much more. Although many of these things are a human experience, it does not make them less daunting or troubling.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

One thing that I have found over years of dealing with chronic illness is to try my best at enjoying the little things in life. Since there were so many weeks, months and years that went by with little joy or comfort, when those short moments of reprieve arose I learned to lean into them and enjoy them to their fullest.

One of the ways of enjoying our life to the fullest is celebrating parts of your life that you never even thought were celebration worthy. Babies being born, people getting married and birthdays are common things culturally that we celebrate, however, are we missing the larger picture here?

If you celebrate Thanksgiving (or Indigenous People’s Day), is this the only day of the year to be thankful?

Is a birthday the only day of the year to celebrate the people that we love births into existence?

We do not need to leave celebratory actions to just days that are considered holidays.

Of course there is nothing wrong with celebrating birthdays, marriages, new jobs, promotions, graduations, and so forth. Yet, let’s not forget that we can take the time to celebrate things right now, in this very moment that you are reading this!


Can You Congradulate Yourself?

What did you do today that seems trivial that you can congratulate yourself for? Does this question sound ridiculous, or are you feeling a feel a bit of an eye roll and dismissal of self? That is normal. So I ask again, and I am serious, what did you do today that seems trivial that you can congratulate yourself for?

Stop and think about your answer for a moment. Let it sink in. And if you really let it sink in you might notice yourself nodding your head in approval and appreciation of yourself.

If we can congratulate ourselves on living the best we can, making the bed, standing up for ourselves, etc. Then we will also start to feel more joy. There is nothing self-serving, ego-centric or narcissistic about doing this. I promise you!

Why not get out of bed on a really hard day when that is the last thing you want to do and throw some confetti or give yourself some praise. “Yay, look you are out of bed! Go you!”

Why not remove a toxic person from your life and throw a little safety and security party. “Look at me not letting toxic people around me! Yes!”.

By doing so we are embodying self love, feeling of joy and appreciation for self and we can share this while celebrating other people just the same. We can be proud of ourselves, we can give ourselves love and praise and lean into it. We can write our own stories.

In this I want to share a quick creative project to add to this! Let’s make some Natural and Ethically Sourced Confetti to throw around whenever we feel like it.


Making Natural and Ethically Sourced Confetti

Who does not love simple creative projects that are affordable, eco-friendly and aesthetically delicious? No, this is not an edible project, however, you could do it with edible leaves, flowers or other botanicals (make sure you check that any plants are edible and not poisonous). In this project we will make some botanical confetti! Glitter and confetti are not great for the environment, so this is a great way to have a little fun, bring celebration into your life and of course, support our environment.

Leaves / Flowers (Please pick them off the ground not off plants)
Hole Punch (Circle, Moon, Heart, Etc.)


Get creative!

Since this is a super easy project, you’re not goiong to need too many directions. Basically you just want to make sure that any of the botanicals that you are sourcing, or being picked off the ground and not picked off of a plant.

As well as making sure that they are all dried off so that you do not get your hole punch wet and rust it. Once you have your botanicals all dried off, you’ll just need to take your hole punch and hole punch it into your botanical of choice.

Now, start filling up your bowl!

It’s going to take a little time just like it would hole punching normal paper, but the end is beautiful. The colors and the textures are just gorgeous!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this project. I also hope that you will find ways to celebrate your self and others in unconventional and unique ways!



If you enjoyed this you might also enjoy this Peaceful Nature Painting Project as well as making a unique  Ornament for the Holiday to Reduce Stress.

Sometimes we don’t have the time or recourses to create things like natural confetti. So, I have added a few small business Etsy Shops that make amazing natural confetti! Enjoy.


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