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Vintage Dreams

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About Course

In this course, we will be working on various mediums to create a vintage-styled portrait. In this project, we take a more free-flow approach. We do not concern ourselves with tons of details or the need to be perfect. When you think of the word “Vintage” or “Antique”, it often brings to mind something that has history and is not perfect and new. It has lived a life, seen and experienced things and it is perfect in its age and history. I will walk you step-by-step though creating line art, painting the artwork and putting on the finishing touches.

Skill Level: Anyone

Unlimited Access Forever

Online & Self-Paced

Course Materials

Paint Brushes
Hand or Electric Eraser
Graphite Pencil: Graphgear 1000 .7
Colored Pencils: Caran Dache/Prismacolor
Paint (watercolor, acrylic, oil, etc)


Water Cup
Artist Palette
Reference Image
Paper Towel or Rag
Transfer Paper
Project Surface (Canvas, Paper, Etc)