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Rewrite Your Trauma Story

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About Course

In this course, we discuss and explore memories, storytelling, identity, and more through the thoughtful act of creative expression. There will be 3 creative creative projects throughout the course where we harness our creativity and deep diving into our personal recovery. The idea of this course is to connect to the idea and fully understand that we are not our trauma or our past traumatic stories. We also have more control than we think we do about our memories and stories of the past. Come with me on this journey to take your power back time and time again as I arm you with insightful and useful tools to liberate yourself from trauma and live a more peaceful life.

Skill Level: Anyone

Unlimited Access Forever

Online & Self-Paced

Transform Emotions

You will take your power back from your traumatic experiences and turn it into something beautiful.

Gain Strength & Resilience

You will garner strength and resililience when faced with your traumatic memories..

Lifelong Tools

You will gather life-long tools and information that will be positively life changeing for years to come.

Feel Safer

You will feel much more safer with your memories than you ever have before. Feedom from fear.

Course Materials

Colored Pencils
Paint (watercolor, acrylic, oil, etc)
Artist Tape
Graphite Pencil
Paint Brushes

Collage elements (Cut-Outs, Scrapbook Papers, Etc (any item that may give your bird a little extra spirit!)
Adhesives (Matte Medium, Mod Podge, Glue)
Paper Towel or Rag
Project Surface (Canvas, Paper, Etc)

Feel free to bring any other art supplies you have and love!


What people have said about the course . . . 

Transform memories in a posItive way. . .

Transform memories in a posItive way. . .

Thank you for your creative course and your experience of life. I learned with this course that trauma influences your ideas and creativity, that you can reshape your false memories and how to remove the power of those negative memories. You have taught me how to see memories in another light and transform them in a positive way so that I have more control over them.

We need more people that are so brave!
I wish you good luck with your future projects!

Iris / Artist

Looking for a Safe Place . . .

Looking for a Safe Place . . .

Looking for a safe place to create? Aunia offers that space and wonderful guidance to the creative, therapeutic process.

Heather Martinez / Let’s Letter Together