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Peaceful Nature Painting

Expressive Art for Grounding & Healing

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Skill Level: Anyone

1 Hour of Content

Online & Self-Paced

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About Course

Most people enjoy looking at and enjoying nature. Just taking a walk outside in a park, sitting by a body of water like a lake, river or ocean or just looking outside your window at plants and birds is extremely can create peace and calm in your life. It is important to find peace and calmness in your life because can have significant benefits on your physically as well as mental health. It helps boost your immune system and calm your nervous system. It also can improve your relationship with yourself and others – making life a little easier. In this course, we explore pieces of nature through creativity and mindfulness and we will look at the beauty and intricacies of nature as a part of our lives as well as creative and healing practices.


This course was one of the best courses that I have taken. It was really challenging, but in the end I am very happy with the project. I feel better.

- June Iver

What You Will Learn & Experience

Work on an art project that helps you get in touch with yourself.
The project will helps you get in touch with nature.
You will feel more centered and grounded.
Gain a sense of peace and understanding.
See yourself feeling more calm and focused.
Take time for yourself and your healing.


Don’t worry if what you create feels not good enough. If you enjoy the process, it’s 100% where you should be.