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Mixed Media Spirit Bird

Mixed Media Spirit Bird

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About Course

Would you like to create a bird like this? If you love birds and being creative, you will love this course. In this course we will be creating our own spirit bird. What is a spirit bird? It is any type of winged creature that inspires you or you feel connected with.

You don’t have to be an artist or even be good at making beautiful things. I will teach you the skills you need to make something you will love and feel good about. We will be working in mixed media, which means we will explore more than one type of art supply and various materials. I will also teach you step by step and help you through the process.

You have a choice to paint this exact bird along with me or go along following the same steps choosing your type spirit bird. Either way works great!

We will use paint, colored pencils, beautiful papers, collage elements, real gold ink and so much more! A supplies list is waiting for you.

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12 Lessons, 15 Videos


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Skill Level: Anyone

Course Outline

  • Course Starts! Introduction, Materials, & Choosing Your Bird
  • Choosing You Surface & Transferring Your Bird & Accents
  • Mixed Media Elements, Color Palette & Background
  • Coloring Your Spirit Bird
  • Final Fine Details & Framing


Course Materials

Colored Pencils
Paint (watercolor, acrylic, oil, etc)
Artist Tape
Graphite Pencil
Paint Brushes

Collage elements (Cut-Outs, Scrapbook Papers, Etc (any item that may give your bird a little extra spirit!)
Adhesives (Matte Medium, Mod Podge, Glue)
Paper Towel or Rag
Project Surface (Canvas, Paper, Etc)

Feel free to bring any other art supplies you have and love!

Instructor: Aunia Kahn

Instructor: Aunia Kahn

Educator, Artist & Designer

Aunia Kahn is a creative entrepreneur, a mental health and trauma researcher, a globally awarded figurative artist, photographer, graphic/web designer, a published author, an instructor, and an inspirational speaker.