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How to Make a Mala Necklace

Intentional & Peaceful Beading

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Skill Level: Anyone

3 Lessons + 1 Practical Lesson

40 Min of Content

Online & Self-Paced

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About Course

In this course we will explore making a mala necklace, which is sometimes called a meditation or prayer necklace. Anyone can make a mala necklace, and you need to collect a few materials together to complete the necklace. The choice of beads and materials is entirely up to you. This process will inspire and encourage you to make choices, and to find your own confidence to make choices whilst creating the necklace. We will explore the benefits of beading on health, positive attitude and well-being and the state of flow and relaxation that beading can provide. Follow the step by step guide.

Enhances creativity, spiritually uplifting and hours can pass before I know it.



Looking for a safe place to create? Aunia offers that space and wonderful guidance to the creative, therapeutic process.

- Heather Martinez

Let's Letter Together

What You Will Learn & Experience

Create a mala prayer necklace
Relaxation and flow as you make the necklace
A cleared mind when using the beads
The opportunity to make choices and find yourself
To express your identity
To take control
To re-engage with your creativity

The first time I did beading, I experienced breathing the like of which I had forgotten about. – Lucy Hughes 

Course Instructor

Lucy Hughes

It took a while to discover beading, which I have found to be relaxing and rejuvenating after trauma. I want to share this rejuvenating experience with others and encourage others to explore the benefits of beadwork. I continually think of new things to do and push the boundaries of beadwork. I used to live in the heart of a large city, and now live in one of the loveliest national parks in England, The Lake District. The combination of all these influences impact what I create. About me – I have a scientific background, achieving PhD status in physics. I also appreciate the benefits that creative art work can bring. I have won an international award in Innovation, and been interviewed on BBC radio about my art. My work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, I have also worked to put art into the community. Myself and my husband who is an acrylic artist often work together to create and exhibit art.