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Healing The Mother Wound

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Skill Level: Anyone

4 Lessons

1 Hour of Content

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About Course

One of the hardest wounds to move past is the ones we have with our mothers. Having a mother that was abusive or emotionally absenct can take a toll on our mental and physical health. Understanding that others feel this wound as well as learning techniques to help heal the mother wound over time can be profound in our lifetime.

The place where our mother lives in our heart should not have to hurt and society says if it does hurt and you are upset “you are wrong”. The truth is, your feelings matter and as taboo as it is to be upset, angry or even never want to talk to your mother again, is actually healthy and okay if that is how you feel.

In this course, we work on a creative project that is there to help you move past those wounds, move away from blame and into a place of empowerment.


This course was one of the best courses that I have taken. It was really challenging, but in the end I am very happy with the project. I feel better.

- June Iver

What You Will Learn & Experience

Work on an art project that helps you get in touch with yourself.
The project will help you address your mother wound.
You will feel more centered and grounded.
Gain a sense of peace and understanding.
See yourself for your truth and learn to love yourself.


Don’t worry if what you create feels not good enough. If you enjoy the process, it’s 100% where you should be.