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Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

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12 Lessons

8 Hours of Content

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About Course

In this course, we will take the journey with you to take the first steps to heal from narcissistic abuse. Through a series of lessons, activities, and deep evaluation, we will begin to take those steps towards releasing the trauma that has occurred from narcissistic abuse. To begin to see ourselves once again, layer by layer, as we shift the experience of pain and trauma into the actualization of regaining self-worth, validation, negative narratives, and the many layers that are specific and personal to each person. We hope that with the support and tools found within this course, you will be able to reconnect with your own truth and sense of self along your healing journey.


Looking for a safe place to create? Aunia offers that space and wonderful guidance to the creative, therapeutic process.

- Heather Martinez

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What You Will Learn & Experience

Releasing the effects caused by the trauma of narcissistic abuse
Selecting and setting boundaries
How to rewrite the negative narrative
Work through abuse symptoms and personal questions
How to let go of what has happened to you
Taking steps to encourage a trauma free life
Reconnecting with your truest self
How to create and generate loving and healthy support
Understanding the types of narcissism
Establishing joy, self love, and self-care into your life

If your coffee tastes bitter, it is bitter.
It’s not your tongue malfunctioning

Emma Xu

Course Instructors

Aunia Kahn

Artist, Author, Photographer & Trauma Researcher

Aunia Kahn is a creative entrepreneur, a mental health and trauma researcher, globally awarded visual artist/photographer, published author, instructor, and inspirational speaker. Her work in trauma research, community projects, and mental health since 2005 was the launching pad for Create for Healing.  She has been invited for consecutive years as a panelist for the Washington University School of Medicine’s MOHOP (Mental Health Outreach Program) and has regularly been a guest lecturer at Southwestern Illinois College, St.Louis Community College and McKendree University. Her work continues by teaching courses, offering free resources, and providing tools to those in need.

Michael de Vena

Arist, Writer & Instructor

Michael de Vena is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and contributing writer and instructor to Create for Healing. Exploring the creative and self reflective side to all things has been an inspirational asset to how he creates his personal work and his work within Create for Healing. To be able to experience the journey with others and create in our own individual ways is the foundation for what healing through creativity means and why he holds a passion for the personal work behind course creation and writing.