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Explorative Emotion Based Color Wheel

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Skill Level: Anyone

5 Lessons

2 Hours of Content

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About Course

Connect with your emotions in an innovative and creative way. In this course, I will guide you through the process of creating an Explorative Emotion Based Color Wheel. The idea of this wheel is to take the emotions and bring them to life with visual representation. Not only will I teach you how to create the wheel, but also how to utilize the wheel to enhance your life, provide support to heal past traumas, and release stored emotions.

The course also expands beyond visual arts and adds in a creative writing exercise as an accompanying piece to your finished wheel. Finally, we want to capture the essence and vibrancy of your true range of emotions.

Once you have completed your wheel and writing exercise, you will find a greater sense of connection to yourself and your emotions as well as gained a life-long tool for healing trauma.

Course Trailer

I really enjoyed creating the Explorative Emotion Based Color wheel. The ideas within it are explained really well which helped to guide me to understand my own thoughts.  I really love that this is the sort of course you can dip in and out of at leisure, to monitor your mental health. I feel that now I understand the exercises within the course, I will regularly explore these when I feel the need to as a tool to address my feelings and emotions.

Pip Preece


What You Will Learn & Experience

Choosing & prepare a vintage book.
Creating an altered art journal from a vintage book.
Explore the Major Arcana (22 Cards) of the Tarot.
Take a journey of self-discovery through 22 pieces of art
How to think about creative momentum to stay in flow.
Creating rich, textural finished pieces of art using individual elements.
Connection to yourself and wellbeing through creativity.
A connection to a creative & supportive community.

Don’t worry if what you create is good enough. If you enjoy the process, it’s 100% is where you should be.

Course Benefits

Transform Emotions

You will learn to explore challenging emotions as well as posItive ones in a creative and supportive way.

Gain Strength & Resilience

You will garner strength and resilience when faced with challenging emotions.

Lifelong Tools

You will garner strength and resililience when faced with challenging emotions.

Feel Safer

You will feel more safer with your emotions and they won’t feel so overwhelming.

Course Instructor

Aunia Kahn

Artist, Author, Photographer & Trauma Researcher

Aunia Kahn is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur and a globally awarded, collected, and exhibited visual artist/photographer, published author, trauma researcher,, as well as an instructor and an inspirational speaker. Her work has shown in over 300 exhibitions at places such as San Diego Art InstituteLos Angeles Center for Digital ArtiMOCASt. Louis Art MuseumContemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. She is also the owner of Rise Visible and Create for Healing.