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A Place To Call Home

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Skill Level: Anyone

1 Lessons

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40 Mins of Content

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About Course

Within this course, we examine one of our most basic needs as a foundation to our identity and personal expression. Home is indeed a basic need for any person or animal. It is a place we seek for use as shelter, for safety, as well as for a place to call own world that often expresses who we are as people. Home can mean many things to an individual. In this course we will take moments of creative exploration to create our world, our home as we define it to ourselves. Whether it is a place of reality, fantasy, or both; what does home mean to you? Is it a place of growth? Is it a place to return to or rebuild anew just for you as you always dreamed it to be? Home can be many things, even other people, places, and things that comfort. Let us create and explore what home looks like from within.



Thank you for the creative experience.

- Zlatko Krstevski

What You Will Learn & Experience

Creating an altered art journal or book
Compositional tips
Creating a color palette
Using image references
Mixed media collage
Layering multi mediums into your collage
Expressing identity and basic needs
How to understand what home truly means to you
Using textures ornamentation to define and refine your artwork

Working with both wet and dry mediums
Playing with fantasy, dreams, and reality within your artwork
The endless possibilities of your explorative and creative journey

Don’t worry if what you create is good enough. If you enjoy the process, it’s 100% is where you should be.

Course Instructor

Aunia Kahn

Artist, Author, Photographer & Trauma Researcher

Aunia Kahn is a creative entrepreneur, a mental health and trauma researcher, globally awarded visual artist/photographer, published author, instructor, and inspirational speaker. Her work in trauma research, community projects, and mental health since 2005 was the launching pad for Create for Healing.  She has been invited for consecutive years as a panelist for the Washington University School of Medicine’s MOHOP (Mental Health Outreach Program) and has regularly been a guest lecturer at Southwestern Illinois College, St.Louis Community College and McKendree University. Her work continues by teaching courses, offering free resources, and providing tools to those in need.