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7 Journal Prompts for Healing Trauma

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7 Supportive Thoughts to Ponder

7 Journal Prompts

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About Course

Hello! Join me for 7 Supportive Journal Prompts for Healing Trauma. You will explore a new prompt and create something in a journal, notebook or art journal. Journaling does not have to just be writing, it can be any way you wish to express yourself. We will explore various topics that will encourage you to heal through trauma.

If you have a journal, notebook or art journal, might I suggest you dedicate one specifically to healing where you can incorporate this project and other healing activities you do in your life into one supportive book/journal.


I gained so much in this course. I will say what you put into this lesson, you will reap rewards from. I am grateful for Aunia’s journey so that she can help others. Thank you so much for helping me to see myself in a new LIGHT, that word means more to me then ever before.

- Joan Goldring

What You Will Learn & Experience

You will explore your identity in association with trauma.
How to love your fractures.
Meet your inner child and have a dialogue.
Learn to integrate your inner child into your current self.
You will work on learning and understanding your boundaries.
You will learn to implement and hold your boundaries.
You will get in touch with the warrior inside you.
You will get in touch with expanding your heart.
Experience a healing experience.

As we work through the harder parts of life, we find that we access the even better parts through our healing journey.

Course Materials

Journal / Sketchbook
Pencils / Pen
Any other materials that feel right for you.

Course Instructor

Aunia Kahn

Artist, Author, Photographer & Trauma Researcher

Aunia Kahn is a creative entrepreneur, a mental health and trauma researcher, globally awarded visual artist/photographer, published author, instructor, and inspirational speaker. Her work in trauma research, community projects, and mental health since 2005 was the launching pad for Create for Healing.  She has been invited for consecutive years as a panelist for the Washington University School of Medicine’s MOHOP (Mental Health Outreach Program) and has regularly been a guest lecturer at Southwestern Illinois College, St.Louis Community College and McKendree University. Her work continues by teaching courses, offering free resources, and providing tools to those in need.