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7 Journal Prompts to Support No Contact

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7 Supportive Thoughts to Ponder

7 Journal Prompts

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About Course

Hello! Join me for 7 Supportive Journal Prompts for Support of No Contact. You will explore a new prompt and create something in a journal, notebook, or art journal. Journaling does not have to just be writing, it can be any way you wish to express yourself. We will explore various topics that will help you understand, implement, and heal through No Contact.

If you have a journal, notebook or art journal, might I suggest you dedicate one specifically to healing where you can incorporate this project and other healing activities you do in your life into one supportive book/journal.

Course Outline

Prompt 1: No Contact Means No Contact
Prompt 2: No Contact Commitment
Prompt 3: Setting Boundaries
Prompt 4: Grief Is Part Of The Process
Prompt 5: Residual and Reactive Emotions
Prompt 6: Maintain A Healthy and Full Lifestyle
Prompt 7: Know You Are Not Alone + Resources


Oh boy. This was so hard for me. The toxic relationship with my mother has been so damaging and it has been hard to not keep talking to her. After this course, I feel more able to take a step back and move away for now. Thank you. I feel better already.

- Anonymous

What You Will Learn & Experience

How to understand how no contact can help your heal. 
How to commit to yourself and your healing.
How to set healhty boundaries and keep them.
How to be kind to yourself.
Understand and identify toxic relationships.
How to move into a more active and full lifestyle.
Gain numerous resources for further healing.

As we work through the harder parts of life, we find that we access the even better parts through our healing journey.

Course Materials

Journal / Sketchbook
Pencils / Pen
Any other materials that feel right for you.

Course Instructors

Aunia Kahn

Artist, Author, Photographer & Trauma Researcher

Aunia Kahn is a creative entrepreneur, a mental health and trauma researcher, globally awarded visual artist/photographer, published author, instructor, and inspirational speaker. Her work in trauma research, community projects, and mental health since 2005 was the launching pad for Create for Healing.  She has been invited for consecutive years as a panelist for the Washington University School of Medicine’s MOHOP (Mental Health Outreach Program) and has regularly been a guest lecturer at Southwestern Illinois College, St.Louis Community College and McKendree University. Her work continues by teaching courses, offering free resources, and providing tools to those in need.

Michael de Vena

Arist, Writer & Instructor

Michael de Vena is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and contributing writer and instructor to Create for Healing. Exploring the creative and self reflective side to all things has been an inspirational asset to how he creates his personal work and his work within Create for Healing. To be able to experience the journey with others and create in our own individual ways is the foundation for what healing through creativity means and why he holds a passion for the personal work behind course creation and writing.