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7 Journal Prompts to Support No Contact

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About Course

Hello! Join me for 7 Supportive Journal Prompts for Support of No Contact. You will explore a new prompt and create something in a journal, notebook, or art journal. Journaling does not have to just be writing, it can be any way you wish to express yourself. We will explore various topics that will help you understand, implement, and heal through No Contact.

If you have a journal, notebook or art journal, might I suggest you dedicate one specifically to healing where you can incorporate this project and other healing activities you do in your life into one supportive book/journal.

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7 Supportive Thoughts to Ponder

7 Journal Prompts

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Course Outline

A sneak peek at the journal prompts we will be exploring below:

Prompt 1: No Contact Means No Contact
Prompt 2: No Contact Commitment
Prompt 3: Setting Boundaries
Prompt 4: Grief Is Part Of The Process
Prompt 5: Residual and Reactive Emotions
Prompt 6: Maintain A Healthy and Full Lifestyle
Prompt 7: Know You Are Not Alone + Resources

Course Materials

Journal / Sketchbook
Pencils / Pen
Any other materials that feel right for you.