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About Course

In this course, we are going to explore how the creativity couples with following the moon’s cycles can help healing and/or help us move towards a better sense of wellbeing. The moon is a faithful friend that shows up again and again – we know that no matter what, we are never really alone.

We will spend time understanding not only the moon cycles and phases but how they can be better understood to heal. Healing will be explored through creative activities, various healing techniques and tools to help utilize the power of the moon phases into your life. Finding a way to better bridge the historical, emotional, creative, and cultural ways the moon has always been available to us is a course full of wonder and new personal discovery.

The moon is the middle ground between the light of the sun and the darkness of night, and thus often represents the realm between the conscious and the unconscious.


We may look at the same moon, but our hearts sing
different songs depending on our inner emotions and perceptions.

- Debasish Mridha MD

What You Will Learn & Experience

Moon healing and meaning
Cultural significance of the moon
Creative inspration and expression
Moon mindfulness techniques
Moon Phases
Cycles and habits pertaining to the moon
Explorative art projects
Traditional moon names
Excercises for health and emotion
Understanding your own moon phase journey