Being Hard On Yourself As A Creative

Let’ Be Kinder To Ourselves

As part of my ongoing impromptu series of conversation and art, I address why being hard on yourself can be a detriment yet a learning experience. Many of us are often too hard on ourselves. To be able to see the layers and repercussions of self-criticism at an unhealthy level is vastly important.

Whether we are overachievers, lifelong perfectionists, overwhelmed by the new challenges of life, or simply trying to push ourselves a little too hard into a new direction; the patterns of negative self-judgment we can all relate to.

About the video

In this video, I further speak upon that we are all hard on ourselves at one time or another for a plethora of reasons. It is my hope that in this video conversation that perhaps we could all see how much we share in common on this subject and that we are not alone.

As artists, as friends, as people just navigation a world new to so many of us. With a little more self-care and a little more understanding that we are each extraordinary and unique beings in a very unique time in this world, that open being present with or without mistakes is part of the same path. We are all valid with our own unique talents that we get to choose how it all defines us. T

hank you for sharing this particularly vulnerable moment with me. Now go out there and be that one-of-a-kind special you that only you can create!

Supplies Used

Winsor and Newton Cotman WaterColour
⊳ Graph Gear 2000 Pencil .5
⊳ Canson Watercolor Plein Air Artboard
⊳ Meeden Porcelain Palette

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