A Practice Of Exploring Daily Ritual

This week we will exploring the challenge to a daily ritual exercise. What this can mean is for each day this week, try to take a moment that best suits your schedule to take in a daily ritual.

Perhaps it’s ten minutes before or after work to meditate or journal. It could be taking a 15 minute walk at lunch time to take a little reprieve from the work or home environment.

Whatever you choose, remember that this is something just for you to aid in self-care as well as expand your horizons of understanding how important daily rituals are.

Suggestions & Ideas

If in need, here are a few thoughts to ponder while you explore your daily ritual this week:

Awareness Exercise

Consider your awareness of your surrounding and describe it in as much detail to yourself as you can. How many things do you see and can take in their purpose in your surroundings?

Travel & Imagine Exercise

Think of the temperature of wherever you are at and what natural environment far away does it make you think of? What can you travel and imagine? A cold northern city you visited as a child? Could it remind you of the warm beach sand on a summer day?

Sensory Exercise

If you can, close your eyes sitting or standing. How many smells do you recognize and describe them to yourself? What sensations do you feel on your skin as you take this all in?

Bi-Lateral Experience

If walking or siting in a room, try a little bi-lateral experimentation. Move your eyes from right to left as you compare the things you see on each side of the room, street, or wherever you are. What do you see and why do you think they are there?


See where you are emotionally, physically, and spiritually at the end of the week.
How did your daily ritual exercise benefit your life?

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