8 Creative Ways to Blend Graphite and Graphite Powder Tutorial

Let’s blend some graphite.

Graphite is a wonderful and fundamental tool for artists. Whether you use graphite or graphite powder, these 8 ways to blend graphite can help you improve any drawing style as well as add to your arsenal of beneficial art practices.

Fun Fact: Graphite was first discovered in Cumbria in Northern England at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

In this video tutorial, we blend graphite by using the following:

‣ General Shading (00.51)
‣ Blending Stump (02.54)
‣ Blending Pencil (05.16)
‣ Paint Brush (07.09)
‣ Q-Tip (09.27)
‣ Tissue/Paper Towel (10.30)
‣ Water (12.52)
‣ Finger (11.32)

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